Knowledge Collaboration
From the Curiosity witnessed in Kids disassembling toys to adults wanting to acquire a new skill if only they had that opportunity to connect with their role models and learn from them.

Darasani is a highly interactive knowledge collaboration platform that facilitates sharing of Knowledge amongst your peers,mentors and protégé.

A knowledge domain is referred to as a darasa on the platform
In darasani you can:
  • Share knowledge within a darasa
  • Exchange knowledge beyond your darasa (collaborate darasa’s)
  • Allow instructors to build and spread their brand
  • Form learning communities (a cluster of darasa’s)
Simply join the darasa you find most compelling and follow the discussions:

Supported Content
You may want to convey a message using Audio, Video, Texts,Graphics or even advanced animations.

No need to worry darasani can automatically detect the type of media element uploaded onto a darasa and handle it appropriately for display purposes.

Information richness, relevance and regulation
At the heart of darasani is the See & Share action which allows you to share any kind of content you come across on the internet.

By installing our d tool on your browser you have the ability to share back any form of content that you come across on the internet back to your darasa.

Only you a participant of a darasa can determine the relevance of content for your darasa; Therefore all you need to do once you come across content from a foreign website is simply to highlight the section of the content that you would like to share back and click on the d tool. Select the darasa to which you would like share that particular content and it is automatically sent.

Darasani has a number of filters that might prevent you from sharing content but the most secure way of ensuring relevance of shared back content is the darasa creator. Once you share content back to a darasa, the darasa creator is notified and it is up to him to allow publishing of the content. If you are the darasa creator content will be automatically published to your darasa.