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The Meat Training Institute (MTI) is a Government Middle Level Training Institution within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Co-operatives in the State Department of Livestock. The MTI was established in 1972 with assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in conjunction with Government of Kenya (GoK) and the Government of Denmark as a Regional Training Institute for the personnel in the meat industry in the African region. It is the only Institute of its kind in Kenya.

The vision of the MTI is ?to be a Regional Centre of Excellence in the provision of training in Veterinary Public Health (VPH) and Meat Processing Technology (MPT)? while its mission is ?to train personnel from meat trade and industry in the hygienic production inspection and processing of meat and meat products?. The mandate of Meat Training Institute is ?to provide training in the hygienic production and inspection of meat and meat products?.

The Institute is tasked with formulation and provision of training programmers and training personnel for the livestock sub-sector in veterinary Public Health so as to promote trade and industrial development in a sustainable environment. It trains man power responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of foods meant for human consumption especially those foods of animal origin such as meat, milk, eggs, honey and their products therefore contributing towards a healthy population. The Institute graduates play an important role in providing environmental health through safe disposal and management of abattoir waste. The training offered by the Institute also imparts skills on value addition of animal products, contributing to Kenya?s manufacturing arm of the economic pillar.

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Physical AddressDevki exit, off Mombasa Rd, Athi River ,Machakos,Kenya
Phone: (+254)
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