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RURAL AID NGO was created in January, 1978 in United Kingdom (UK) and registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Code as a non-profit making corporate organization, with branches internationally which include US, UK, JAPAN, SOUTH AFRICA, KENYA, SUDAN, UGANDA, TANZANIA, ETHIOPIA, LIBERIA, BURUNDI, TURKEY Among others, RURAL AID NGO has an aim of empowering the vulnerable ( the youth through scholarship education, women, children and persons with disabilities), by fighting the ever-increasing rate of HIV/AIDS, falling standard of education, low awareness on basic human rights, poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions as well as the upsurge of poverty evident within communities in world as whole.

The aid programme has a focused of empowering and making those marginalized especially the youth, women, children and persons with disabilities agents of their own development. This we believed will accelerate and ensure speedy and sustainable reduction of acute poverty ensure the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals of reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition, access to education and health care, gender equity, promotion of democratic rights and eradication of HIV/AIDS, inter alia, by 2017.

Currently we are in partnership with Rural Kenya Institute , sunrise teachers college, Sunrise high school, Africa institute of Health and Development, Kitanga High School and Mombasa College of professional Studies. Hence, we are requesting to forming partnerships and collaborations with Decentralized agencies and departments as well as NGOs in implementation of our programmes, projects and activities.

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Physical AddressSite Ngei II, Mavoko - Athi River ,Machakos,Kenya
Phone: (+254)
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