Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

Information Technology

About Course

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), is an extended synonym, an umbrella term which contains both Information Technology (IT) as well as Communications Technology under its fold.

Information Communication Technology is the integration of telecommunications in computing for effective access, storage, transmission, and manipulation of information.

This program equips Learners with a wide range of software, technical and technological know-how that will bequeath the learner with skills allowing him/her to apply ICT solutions to solve practical business issues.

Learners are empowered to use skills gained through use of technology in managing business information. This course also bridges the existing knowledge gap in organizational data storage, business continuity, disaster recovery, security, business analytics and optimization and enterprise architecture.

By the end of this Course, the trainee should be able to: –

  • Appreciate the role of Computers in our society
  • Appreciate various components of computer system
  • Acquire basic Information and Communication Technology skills
  • Appreciate computer software and networks
  • Understand the Internet and Web related applications
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in Information and Communication Technology at the place of work
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Qualification Required

The applicant is required to have finished basic O' levels (form four) and have achieved a minimum KCSE aggregate Grade of C- and above or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent

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Certification Body

KNEC, Accredited Universities(Apply Now!)

Certificate Awarded

Diploma Certificate in Information and Communication Technology(Apply Now!)

Expertise Gained

Successful graduates gain the advantage of applying their earned skillset in the job market, or advance their studies to higher levels. Since Information technology is a science that cuts across all sectors of the economy candidates have many options including working in the private corporate sector, Government, Non-governmental organizations, Educational Instituions or even pursuing self-entrepreneurship.

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Possible Careers you can pursue

1.    Software Engineer

2.    computer hardware engineer

3.    web developer

4.    computer network architect

5.    computer systems designer

6.    information systems analyst

7.    Database administrator

8.    Data analyst

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Financing Options Available

The following are various financing options available for the program.

  • Self Sponsorship
  • Government Funded Sponsorship program
  • State financed loans from the Higher Educations Loan board
  • Local authority bursary programs (usually in conjunction with a development partner)
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Average Duration of the Course

24 Months (4 Study Semesters, 1 industrial attachment)

Course Units

Average of 7 Units per Semester

Average Course Fee

Ranges between KES 45,000/= to 55,000/= per semester

Course Application Process

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