Certificate in Human Resource Management

Human Resource

About Course

The Craft in Human Resource Management course is designed to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitude to enable him/her perform routine Human Resource Management activities in an organization as a clerk. The course is deigned in Modular format to so the trainee can enter and leave for the world of work at the end of each module. The program has been developed by top HR professionals and accredited exams from Kenya national examination council (KNEC), the certificate gives you a strong foundation in current HR best practices. It also prepares you to lead the strategic deployment of human capital in today’s corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and small businesses

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Qualification Required

  • KCSE mean grade D (Plain)
  • Passed relevant Artisan in course in Human Resource Management
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Certification Body

Kenya National Examination Council(Apply Now!)

Certificate Awarded

Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management(Apply Now!)

Expertise Gained

By the end of this course the student should be able to:

  • Effectively perform Human resource management functions necessary for the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Apply management principles in human resource and business performance evaluation and implement procedures and processes related to business Management
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Possible Careers you can pursue

  • Human resource Clerk
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Financing Options Available

The following are various financing options available for the program.

  • Self-Sponsorship
  • Government Funded Sponsorship program
  • State financed loans from the Higher Educations Loan board
  • Local authority bursary programs (usually in conjunction with a development partner)
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Average Duration of the Course

One Academic Year (2 calendar years avg) The Certificate is divided into 2 Modules and each module is divided into 2 terms each of 3 months.

Course Units

Averagely 5 - 6 Units per module (2 Modules)

Average Course Fee

Averagely KES 35,000 – 40,000 per Module (2 Modules)

Course Application Process

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