Certificate in Tannery and Leather Technology

Leather hides being dried

About Course

The Certificate in Tannery and Leather Technology course is a vocational training program designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and practical skills required to work in the leather industry. The course typically covers topics such as the principles of leather production, tanning techniques, leather finishing, leather goods manufacturing, and quality control.

 During the program, students will gain hands-on experience with tanning processes and learn about the chemical composition of leather, the properties of different types of leather, and how to manipulate the characteristics of leather through various treatments. They will also learn about the various machines and tools used in leather production, as well as the safety measures necessary to work in a tannery.

Graduates of the Certificate in Tannery and Leather Technology course can find employment in tanneries, leather goods manufacturing companies, fashion houses, and other related industries.

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Qualification Required

Individuals are required to have attained:

  • A minimum KCSE mean Grade D (Plain) and at least D in Mathematics, English and Physics/ Science
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Certification Body

Kenya National Examination Council(Apply Now!)

Certificate Awarded

Certificate in Tannery and Leather Technology(Apply Now!)

Possible Careers you can pursue

  • Tannery technicians
  • Leather craftsmen
  • Tannery quality control inspectors
  • Leather industry research and development specialists
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Financing Options Available

The following are various financing options available for the program.

  • Self-Sponsorship
  • Government Funded Sponsorship program
  • State financed loans from the Higher Educations Loan board
  • Private scholarship programs
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Course Application Process

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