George Washington (potrait)Explorers: 1494- 1600 the Period when American was "discovered" by European discovers

Colonies: 1584-1760 The American colonies are established, from Roanoke Island which disappered to Plymouth Rock and then New Netherlands

Revolution: 1770-1782 The Colonies rose and revolted against the British and created a new nation

New Nation: 1784 to 1820 A New Nation gets going a constitution is written and another war is fought

Antebellum: 1820-1855 The Nations grow and extends to California, but it also divides as slavery continues to divide it

A Nation Divided: 1855-1865 Tensions over slavery grew to the point that once Lincoln was elected a Civil War became inevitable.

Reconstruction Industrialization: 1865-1899 After the Civil War the US began a period of rapid growth. Cities grew and American Industry grew with them

World Stage: 1900-1920 By the dawn of the century America was a world power and with President Theodore Roosevelt in office it started showing its power

The Twenties: It was a short period in American history but that period between 1920 and 1929 left it marks

Depression: It was the worse depression in Amercian history and lasted from 1929 to 1939

World War II: War came to Europe in 1939, but it did not arrive on American shores until December 7th 1941

Post War America The Fifties: World War II was over and the American economy roared back. It was however the period that the Cold War began

Sixties: 1960-1975 Until a fateful day in November 1963 the Sixties were a period of hope and change, that changes as the Vietnam War began to dominate

American 1975-2000: The cold war came to and end, it looked like America could live in peace.

America in the 21st Century: 2000-2019 The Century began with the worse terror attack on US soil when twin planes crashed into the World Trade Centers in New York and a third plane crashed into the Pentagon




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